Hello, Failure! Thanks for joining me.

I’m Bowie Rowan (aka Failure) and I’m a writer and multimedia artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania currently wandering around what is commonly regarded as the United States of America during this Anthropocene Epoch in which we find ourselves on the planet known as Earth. Currently, I am based in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Why you? Why do you insist on identifying as a loser?

I have what some might describe as a perverse relationship with failure in that I love it! I live for it! I bathe in it! I evangelize it! I eat failures like you for breakfast (har har)!

No, but seriously, failure has captivated my imagination for the past decade, so I finally decided I want to express what I’ve learned and am learning and what I love and am loving about failure and the self-identified failures of the world. This space is an offering for you to explore and learn and fail along with me. I hope we can build a community of curious misfits who aren’t afraid to strive for more and defy the norms through what we learn from personal, national, global, cosmic, psychic, spiritual, and material failures. Most importantly, let’s have some fun along the way.

As far as my other qualifications, I received my PhD in Failure Studies at Stanford University where I also received the Failure Fellowship awarded to doctoral candidates who show the most promise for failure.

Sike! I have absolutely no qualifications to write about failure outside of being a human who has proudly failed quite a lot at human endeavors. I like to write and make things and I think writing and making things with curiosity, openness, and love and sharing them with each other makes this planet a more tolerable, loving place to exist together while we are here.

Hmmm, but like, why subscribe?

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fiascos, gold bricks, disasters, wasters, plot twists, losers, lemons, lazybones, flops, rascals, misfires, underachievers, collapses, black sheep, defeats, slugabeds, snafus, and ne’er-do-wells ET CETERA!

Are you excited? I am! Let’s get to it.


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Bowie Rowan

Writer, multimedia artist, and snail trying to stay alive on planet Earth. Work in Prairie Schooner, The Normal School, Joyland, The Kenyon Review, and elsewhere.